Barrel for ios 7

barrel for ios 7

Barrel for iOS 7 Released To Customize iOS 7 Homescreen

Version 1.7-1 Compatible with ios 7Barrel Updated For iOS 7, iPhone 5s. Barrel  jailbreak tweak that a lot of iDevice owners use to show off their jailbroken handset to those uninitiated in the ways of the Cydia Store. The flagship jailbreak tweak can add impressive transition animations to one’s Home screen, and the great news for today is that Barrel has now received an update adding support for iOS 7 and 64-bit iDevices.

How to install  Barrel for iOS 7

1.) Go to Cydia.
2.) Go to Manage – Sources – Edit – Add
3.) Add this source:
4.) Something will pop up. Click “Add Anyway”.
5.) Click “Return to Cydia” when you’re done installing your xsellize repo
6.) Go back and Find “Barrel (version should be 1.7-1)”, click it, and install it by clicking Install and then Confirm.
9.) Click “Return to Cydia” when Cydia is done installing .
10.) Then you can go to your springboard (home screen) and find Barrel there!




Best of all, Barrel performs incredibly well under Apple’s 64-bit “desktop class” processor. Transition animations are smoother than ever, and users will find that the jailbreak tweak is great to use on an iPhone 5s.

For four more jailbreak tweaks which are compatible with iOS 7-powered 64-bit iDevices, be sure to take a look at our below video. If you’re having trouble with Cydia’s recent Cydia Substrate update, there’s a quick fix available, or for more information on the jailbreak process itself .