Best Cydia Winterboard Themes 2013


Best Cydia Winterboard Themes 2013

Cool Winterboard Themes Top In 2013

One of my favorite reasons of jailbreaking my iPhone is the ability to install third-party themes replacing Apple’s default UI styles. If you love customizing your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then it is fairly certain that you love changing the look of your device via themes. This month is close enough to the new year of 2013, which means that we are well in our way to the last quarter of the year and the time is right for the best Winterboard Themes 2013 edition. Which themes will be the best iPhone / iOS themes of 2013? Are you curious? So lets check it out..


Winterboard Themes 2013 edition. If you love customizing your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then it is fairly certain that you love changing the look of your device via themes. When it comes to theming options for the iOS, there is very little doubt that Winterboard is one of the best go-to solutions. There is a plethora of Winterboard themes out there but such sheer numbers can present a problem when looking for the very best ones. Don’t worry though, because once again we will bring toy you the best Winterboard themes available. This is the Top 10 Best WinterBoard Themes of 2013.

Top 10 Best WinterBoard Themes of 2013

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Hiro HD winterboard theme 2012/2013

hiro winterboard theme

 Hiro HD winterboard theme

Hiro HD is one of the best winterboard themes of 2013. It has almost everything imaginable themed inside. It has themed the settings, contacts, app store, phone, and much more. Below are some of the photos taken of screenshots inside the theme running on my iPhone 4S. The wallpaper in the screenshots are mine and can be downloaded below. Hiro sells for $3.99 in ModMyi repo.

Free available from Ihacksrepo




HTC Hero Theme for iPhone






Best Cydia Themes - iOS 6 Winterboard Themes - ayecon

ayecon Cydia Theme for iOS 6.

Ayecon, pronounced icon, is one of the sharpest looking Cydia themes. This theme looks and runs amazing on the iPhone 5 with speedy updates for any bugs.


iMatte v5 HD


Winterboard iMatte

We shall kickstart the list with something rather slick. When it comes to slickness and style, then you simply can’t go wrong with matte. iMatte v5 HD is just a perfect option for those who are in search of a classy theme to go with their equally classy Apple device. Some of the features of this theme include fully themed stock iOS UI, full Siri theme with most of the assistants themed, full notification center theme, static springboard / lockscreen theme, native weather springboard / lockscreen theme, SBSettings theme with 37 toggles, and many others. This is a total package of a theme and not a bad way to start this best Winterboard themes Best Cydia Winterboard Themes 2013 countdown.


iPhone 4 + /iPod Touch 4G +/ iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 3G


Installation and Download:



Fifty Foot Shadows HD


Best Cydia Themes - iOS 6 Winterboard Themes - Fifty

Fifty Foot Shadows HD Cydia Theme on iPhone 5.

Fifty Foot Shadows HD is a cool iPhone 5 compatible Cydia theme with beautiful moving background images. The app features photos from John Carey, and is one of the only Cydia themes we found with moving backgrounds. The Fifty Foot Shadows HD Cydia theme is free.

LeviathanHaz3 HD


The LeviathanHaz3 HD is a premium Cydia theme.


LeviathanHaz3 HD is designed for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, and looks great on the Retina Displays. Included are over 600 icons and many apps are fully themed to keep things looking the same as users move from app to app. Users can also install additional lock screen and widgets that further customize the look.


 Elite PRO HD iOS Theme

Elite PRO HD is a theme which is best described as a classic. This theme is regarded as one of the best themes out there because despite the fact that it is a fairly simple theme, it manages to look classy and elegant.


MiOS iPhone Theme


MiOS is like the lovechild of the Mac OS and iOS after modder Truckinlow has put his own twist into it. MiOS modifies pretty much all aspects of the UI so you won’t find yourself getting upset just because a certain part of the iOS is not themed.

Faith HD Theme



All this themes available here

best cydia sources 2013


Faith HD is made with the idea of creating a predominantly white complete with meticulously made, detailed custom icons. The result is a great looking white theme with some of the most details icons in the history of iOS theming. Faith HD has a dark version as well.

SE7EN HD iPhone Theme


SE7EN is actually available in seven different colors (seven, get it?). So if you don’t like dark themes, you can still try out this theme’s other variants. Pretty much all elements of theuser interface are themed, so this is pretty much a complete theming solution. This one is another theme which features some crazy attention to detail.

Best winterboard themes 2014 (latest update here)



This theme gives your phone a nice transparent look and feel. It boasts 120 delicately crafted icons as well.

Ultimate Chrome

Ultimate Chrome theme has that “brushed chrome” look and feel. As far as features it has custom loader screen, aesthetically pleasing lock screen and more.


This attractive black theme has 35 icons a dock and an elegantly designed wallpaper.


The Tenius theme has so many icons that will last you for a long time. With over 200 downloadable icons and a fully customizable menu this is definitely a must have theme.

Matte Nano

A simple yet refined winterboard theme. It adds subtle class to your iphone without losing the original “appeal.”


This winterboard theme has very pleasant backgrounds that compliment the look of your iphone nicely. On top of that the icons are extremely pleasing to the eye.

Alpine Springboard

The Alpine theme allows you to freely interchange icons with each application. With more than enough icons to swap at your will, you definitely will not be getting bored with the look anytime soon.


A distinct character based theme created by deviant artist Manhattan. Create your own theme and place these delightful character icons on it. This makes for a fully customized feel just for you.


Illumine incorporates a green orb unlock screen. That being said you don’t even care about the 2000+ icons it offers. Illumine offers so many options that you will be sure to use it as your theme for at least a little while!


Best winterboard themes 2014 (latest update here)

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    Where did you find those icons for the iMatte theme? There is no “iMatte v5 HD” theme anywhere in the default Cydia sources, and I am unable to find those “alt” icons anywhere, as well. Help, please?

  • Mir

    so awesome cool theme i love it

  • HTC Hero theme doesn’t even work on iOS 6 so how can that be a top ten theme of 2013.

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    How did you get your signal bar like that. Like what is the app for it?

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