Best winterboard themes 2014


Best winterboard themes 2014

Here is best uncommon latest winterboard themes of 2014 . you can download awesome winterboard themes from cydia .also i have mentioned best themes winterboard . iPhone 4S themesiPhone 5 themesiPhone 5S themes,  i have updated  popular winterboard themes and Top 10 Winterboard Themes of 2014 .

1. Black’UPS Darkness SD

This is the best top 10 winterboard themes and most creative and original theme you will ever find the color and uniqueness of each icon will blow you away! Check out the screen shots and see for your self!





2. iFlat Evolution iOS6

iFlat Evolution for iOS6 and iPhone 5. Readme included, make sure to read it! Best cydia winterboard themes 2014




3. Appel Theme

appel was released earlier today and quickly gained a lot of attraction. The theme is very clean and simple, with icons that break the ‘square’ rule and each app icon is unique. However, the theme missed quite a few app icons as well as iPhone 5 support. The developer received mass amounts of emails for icon requests and in turn updated the theme to 1.1 that hosts over 100 new app icons.




 4 .Essence  theme

Essence is a beautiful gray and white theme, and looks great on both white and black iDevices. Essence was crafted over a period of 2 weeks, and changes are still occuring.




5. Touchit HD –

The original TouchIt, was created by Lord Kokkei. Thankfully enzo21, from MacThemes made it compatible with the Retina display.
There’s a lot to this theme, so the pics don’t do it justice imo heh.


6. Anique Theme

Anique is elegant, modern, cool and original cydia theme for your device, really beautiful icons. Includes theme for SBSettings, ColorKeyboard, Notification Center, 2 UI, LS, StatusBar,, Whatsapp UI, icons that have been detailed one by one, App Store apps icons masked, also includes a complete UI for your Device and much more!




7. boss.iOS Theme

This include  Top 10 Winterboard Themes . this  theme requires Zeppelin to run but is now compatible with iPhone 5 and found on Cydia.




8. Nitor Theme


Nitor on of winterboard best themes is a beautifully designed cydia theme. Includes custom App Store icons, and an SMS theme, with support for other designers to make their own icons





9. Evo Wg Anime i5


Evo Wg Anime i5 provides widget multi row top, middle and bottom.
To change appointments via iFile: Evo Wg Anime and file Setup.js




10. S0B3R HD iP5

S0B3R HD iP5 winterboard themes is the ultimate HD cydia theme that will give you a new, more neutral approach to your iDevice.Everything has been rethinking Weather, Phone Keypad, Notes, Safari etc.




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