• Ryan

    it Works thanks

    • kasun888

      its 100% working 🙂

  • Chris

    doesnt work

    • duddley

      works for me, even after facebook’s new timeline thing…. and before / after graph search implemented

  • indian

    thank you

  • nigga

    thanks worked great

  • Sadbhav


  • mataleo

    not working

  • leondb

    Best, script, ever!

  • Jill Walker

    Worked perfectly ! At first I didnt realize it was deleting only a few at a time, so I had to do it a few times to get them all, but worked great! I put the important ones that I wanted to save into Archive, and then hit the rest with this. Thank you !!!!

  • Kaushal Rohit

    thnx gud

  • xmen

    its nt wrking 🙁 wish it does

  • Lowboy215

    omg this was actually awesome! it took like 4mins i think to delete over 200 messages HAHAHAHAA now i can finally let my new gf snoop through my fb! LOLOL

  • angie

    wow it does work love it

  • Johnny Holmes

    This was amazing

  • Hayato

    for the people whose don’t work, my facebook was in Japanese, and it didn’t work at first.
    When I switched the language to English and pressed the button again, then it worked!!

  • John Baxter Photography

    Deletes ONE at a time only central coast

  • super man

    yes it work for me! thanks,….man

  • Marcos

    Had a gazillion messages Lol. Now they are all gone!

  • MIhael Vuleta

    Dont work for me 🙁

    • Go to facebook >> account setting >> Change default language >>English.

      Then it works .after you delete you can change your language back.

  • Guerreros

    I had 5000 Messages… Unbelieveable… and i didnt want them anymore, and anyone to read them… but i had my Face in Spanish, so i changed the lenguage and… guess what???? IM FREEEEEEEEEEE YEEEEEESSSSS … after several times reloading and keeping all those i wanted. But finally i cant start from “0”… New year.. new girfriend! 🙂 New Face!

  • Lesley Mena

    sir please help me mine doesnt work its already on english but wer am i suppose to download it ?

    • Lesley Mena

      can yu add me on facebook and explain it to me please ?


    i can’t find the BOOKMARK, i drag and drop the “delete facebook me” but it’s a JPG not a script 🙁 HELP

    • Hi Sanji,
      I checked The script is working . 1 st, you must change your default language to English . then go the inbox and press the bookmark button .

      • Makibaz

        it doesn’t work for me at all, it just leads me to a different webpage

        • admin

          Updated the Script please try again . 100 % works now .

  • elvis

    this is the bookmark appeared in my google chrome it’s not working please help me

  • Jennifer

    Is there a Mac version!?

  • maddi

    totally works. i had to press it quite a few times but theyre all gone!!!!!

  • Shah Jahan

    yo man.. tqvm

  • Rik

    works beautifully, thanks!

  • Nidhi Jha

    wowwwwwwwwww its really awesome………worked wid me thnk god finally got rid of bullshits archieved msg

  • Satendra Negi

    It worked, Many thanks 🙂

    • Mohd Saleem

      Where is the bookmark? ???

  • Satendra Negi

    Is there any way to delete all the facebook posts at once ? ALL the posts ever posted by you I mean ? :O

  • Metta

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Kathryn Nicole

    it doesnt work 🙁

  • Jeun

    Same here Elvis.

  • Asad

    Rite now this system is not working

  • brendan

    lol where is the bookmark here the delete all faecbook messages its gone

  • haha


  • elmasry11992


  • Lulullicious78

    its not working

  • Parv Guleriya

    how i can delete my all facebook messages at once click

  • Ezhiil Ash

    it works fine i had over 10k msgs i got it deleted thanks guys!!!!


    its not working

  • Marquitta Cannady

    How delete your Facebook