top 10 winterboard themes ios 7


Top 10 Winterboard themes ios 7

t wasn’t too long ago that the possibility of never seeing an update for Winterboard in iOS 7 was lingering around the web, but thankfully Cydia Founder, Jay Freeman also known as Saurik who is the developer behind Winterboard, decided to change his mind and provide an update to the beloved theme app, Winterboard. Because of the drastic changes from iOS 6 to iOS 7, the older Winterboard themes don’t apply to iOS 7, meaning that a whole new set of themes needed to be created to make this update to Winterboard worth downloading.


Ayeris is an amazing iOS 7 theme from Surenix, who makes another one of the best iOS 7 themes we could find. Ayeris is pronounced Iris and is a new look for iOS 7 that is still recognizable as Apple’s latest software, but it feels more complete thanks to new icons and other enhancements to the OS 7 apps.


iOS 7 Themes Cydia WinterBoard top 10 winterboard themes ios 7



Oil7 iOS 7 THEME

The Oil7 theme for iPhone and iPod touch takes a different approach than themes mentioned above. Instead of featuring a flat look this theme gives iOS’s icons a look that make it seem like they have been drawn using a paint brush. Oil7 is available for free in Cydia

Oil 7 top10 winterboard themes ios7.1 top 10 winterboard themes ios 7


lat7 is a very flat iOS 7 theme that takes delivers a new look for the stock Apple icons and allows users to pick a new shape for the icons if they want to see a different look.


iOS 7 theme flat7 Cydia top 10 winterboard themes ios 7




Solstice is another great looking iOS 7 theme on Cydia that includes a set of wonderful looking icons with a shadow effect that is simple and attractive. also The Solstice iOS 7 theme includes a new status bar and a new unlock slider. The dots in the status bar look very nice and it’s one of our favorite iOS 7 tweaks to the status bar.

iOS 7 Themes top 10 winterboard themes ios 7


BrightFlat v1.5

BrightFlat v1.5 theme for iOS 7 features icons that are too flat for their own good. Although users who like bright colors would appreciate this theme. It is free as well.

BrightFlat winterboard theme ios 7 top 10 winterboard themes ios 7



The Space BlueBerry iOS 7 theme focuses on the icons in iOS 7, swapping out Apple’s stock look for a more appealing look that blends colors and shapes together in a wonderful way.

iOS 7 Themes spaceblueberry Cydia top 10 winterboard themes ios 7



UltraFlat7 is an iOS 7 theme for the iPhone and iPod that delivers beautiful looking flat icons that the developer claims are the result of 5 months of work identifying the perfect flat icons.

iOS 8 Themes Cydia WinterBoard 620x550 top 10 winterboard themes ios 7

Soft Remix for iOS 7

 Soft Remix for iOS 7. It revamps the popular Suave HD theme, giving the springboard a gorgeous overhaul, and reducing the icon size slightly with “squircle” edges. Third-party app icons seem to still work well with the theme, regardless of the shape and size make-over. Plenty of third-party icons are supported and designer Eduardo Lopez is taking requests for third-party apps to add to the theme. There are two separate themes available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Soft Remix theme ios 7 themes top 10 winterboard themes ios 7


Zanilla is the last Cydia theme in the roundup, but it is not the least by any means. Zanilla includes nearly 100 custom icons and a custom icon mask that gives the icons a new shape.

iOS 7 Themes zanilla Cydia WinterBoard top 10 winterboard themes ios 7


Circulus ios 7 theme

If you don’t have a problem with iOS 7′s icons but would love to make them rounded then apply Circulus theme on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. The theme brings new icons for some apps while simply makes the existing ones round for others. Circulus theme is available for free in Cydia.

Circulus ios 7.1 themejpg top 10 winterboard themes ios 7

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